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International forwarding

24h/7 all around Europe


Royal Spedition – shipping company
tailored to Your needs.

Royal Spedition are top-class specialists, full of passion, knowledge and commitment. Many years of experience in transport and forwarding helped us to lay a solid foundation for own business. Thanks to this, we are able to set a new quality in logistics, transport and forwarding industry, implement effective ideas and create economical transport.

International transport and forwarding - Royal Spedition

Specialized knowledge, experience and constant desire for development make us offer the highest quality services. Individual approach to customers, and fresh and modern look resulted in the fact that Royal Spedition already has five branches:

  • in Wrocław,
  • in Poznań,
  • in Leszno,
  • in Gdańsk,
  • in Swarzędz.

For our work, we are appreciated not only by customers. We got many awards and certificates, among others, Satisfied Customer, Trustworthy Company or the Honest Enterpreneur.

Royal Spedition – Your forwarding company.

Since 2014 we have been serving our clients, both smaller companies and large enterprises, with comprehensive organization of domestic and international transport of any goods. We specialize in loads up to 3,5 tons. We have an individual approach to each order, that is why we make a detailed pricing depending on:

  • loading and unloading place,
  • weight of a load,
  • load dimensions.

We carry out everyday tasks in sphere of transport and logistics based on the work of people who perform their duties with passion and commitment. That is why our strength is timeliness and good quality. At first contact with our company, each client receives a Dedicated Specialist, experienced in a given market segment, who conducts the entire process, from start to finish.

years of experience
types of vehicles and semi-trailers
forwarders and caregivers


Services performed
by Royal Spedition

  • International forwarding
  • International transport
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Warehouses
  • Customs clearance

We specialize in express cargo up to 3,5 tons.

We provide international express delivery of documents, parcels and loads to all European countries – in a flash!

Contact us, give the details of Your order, and we will prepare an individual quote for you!

Transport and international forwarding

Transport and international forwarding is the whole range of activities, the purpose of which is to translocate cargo to another country. It is the main pillar of the Royal Spedition activity. Our experienced forwarders organize transport process quickly and comprehensively – A to Z. We also prepare appropriate documentation and complete a number of formalities, owing to this, You can take your time developing your own business!

In the transport and forwarding service, we provide as follows:


We aim at full and comprehensive service of our customers. Our long experience and professional knowledge allow us to offer a storage service. What’s more, we implement both standard solutions, and the individual customized offer.

In the storage service, we provide as follows:

Transport of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are a special type of shipment due to the higher transport risk. Therefore, ADR Transport requires greater caution and strict adherence to regulations and restrictions. In Royal Spedition, we perfectly know the provisions of transport law and the guidelines related to the method of packaging dangerous consignments, with marking such consignments and their documentation.

In the dangerous goods service, we provide as follows:

Customs clearance

We understand perfectly well that Your company needs reliability of all customs procedures, fully compliant with applicable regulations. That’s why our specialists coordinate a range of services enabling non-compliance to be controlled and reduced, in international transactions. We will provide Your company with individual customized solutions to optimize, service and coordinate customs formalities.

In the customs clearance service, we provide as follows:

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Why is it worth using the services of Royal Spedition?

We have been present on the market since 2014.

Experience in transport and forwarding and the timeliness and quality of our services are reflected in trust and satisfaction of our customer.

We are characterized by professional and individual service.

In Royal Spedition, the customer is the center of attention! That's why we provide a very secure communication network and partnership based on trust.

We have completed millions of orders.

Successive development and expansion of competences allow us to provide the best solutions in logistics, transport and forwarding industry, satisfying all the expectations of our customers.

Our customers

They trusted us